Thursday, November 27, 2008

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a young woman from Toronto who decided it was finally time to create a website. Her idea was to have a site, with just a few pages, to promote her books. The site soon grew and grew and grew, until suddenly there was page after page after page, link after link after link...and most surprisingly, a blog! A blog? What on earth could she possibly have to blog about? And so begins her adventure...

Chapter 1

If you are reading this, chances are that you've popped in from my newly launched website Or perhaps you've found me by accident. However you got here, welcome!

So – who am I? Well, I am a lot of things. Professionally, I am an Education & Communications Specialist, as well as an award-winning Children’s Author. I am passionate about nature, the environment and education, particularly non-formal/informal education (in other words, the learning that happens beyond just school!). Through my work, I hope to educate people about the wonders of natural wonder...and awaken them to the incredible stories in nature. In doing so, maybe I can help shift the way we see and act in this world...perhaps even become part of a greater environmental mind shift.

Personally – I am a mother to a wonderfully sweet, if somewhat precocious, 5-year old boy. To him, I am a boo-boo healer, comedian, master chef, toy finder, knower of all things, playmate, person that fixes stuff, and taker carer of things. These are, without question, my favourite roles!

As a blogger – well, that’s still to be defined. I see this blog as an opportunity to write...something that for me needs to be more constant in my life. This blog will give me the chance to write regularly...and will allow me to bounce my ideas off attentive and supportive audience. And what will become of these ideas? Who knows! Maybe a new children’s book, perhaps a new education program or maybe even a new career path. Wherever this goes, I look forward to exploring and exchanging ideas with you.

Hopefully you will join me on the journey! Please come back and visit my blog regularly...and pop in to check out my website when you get a chance!

Oh...and before I sign off, I must really thank my friend Kanchan for all her wonderful work on my website. Kanchan worked so patiently with me – and all my obsessive little changes – to create a site that I am really proud of. So thanks Kanchan!! And please be sure to check out her site at In Her Eyes Photography (

Thanks for visiting!

Rochelle be continued.